Someone at the Republican National Committee gets it. With Romney and Gingrich shooting at each other, it is good that someone has kept their eye on the ball. The RNC is running a good ad that will greet the president on his post-State of the Union campaign tour. Importantly, it uses Obama’s own words and pictures against him.

Republicans must remember that the 2012 election has to be about Obama. Voters should be reminded of what he has said and done, so they can decide if they want more of the same or something else. Even though it won't be easy, the GOP nominee should hide after securing the nomination and reemerge only in the third week of January 2013, on the inaugural platform on the West Front of the Capitol to take the oath of office.

My editors say I tend to repeat myself too often. That is, I say things more than once or, put another way, I will say something once and then I will say it a second and third time. Anyway, I can't repeat enough that this election must be about Obama for the Republicans to have a chance.

The race for the GOP nomination is ugly and unflattering, and it will get worse before it gets better. But don’t despair: We are probably approaching our darkest hour. After Florida, the end will be in sight as the March primaries approach, especially Super Tuesday on March 6, with its 10 primaries and caucuses.