Mitt Romney’s tax plan underscores that he is the only Republican candidate vaguely serious about governing the country. For a Republican contender these days, that counts as almost responsible.

Sure, there is the usual tilt to favor the wealthiest, and it makes the deficit worse. But Romney actually “means tests” some of his proposal to target them more to the middle class. And compared with his fellow Republicans’ proposals, Romney’s looks fiscally responsible and equitable. (Although this is only by comparison.)

The tax plans of the three apostles — Gingrich, Santorum and Paul — are, as my daughter would say, “ridonkulous.” In their disregard for the nation’s debt and income disparity, they give voodoo a bad name. If Romney gets his party’s nod, at least we will have a debate about fiscal policy come the fall. Both candidates still have glaring weaknesses in their plans, but at least they aren’t complete jokes.