If you are looking for a concise summary of President Obama’s general-election strategy, here it is:

(Boston Globe via Bain Capital)

This photo taken during Romney’s early Bain days summarizes the Obama argument: Mitt Romney is Gordon Gecko. The two, Obama will argue, have the same motto: Greed is good.

As images go, this one is devastating. A little like Dukakis in the tank or the senior Bush looking at his watch in a debate. However unfair, it is a real snapshot of Romney’s almost feral delight in making money. It reminds me a little of scenes in “Scarface” where the money stacks up and the problem soon becomes where to “put all that stinking cash.”

An image like this currently running in the anti-Romney “documentary” on Bain Capital will make it easier for the Obama campaign to make the desired linkages: Romney made obscene amounts of money destroying jobs and will pursue policies as president that will hurt the middle class and favor the rich. Instead of doing a lot of explaining, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Obama team didn’t just run an ad without voiceover and did a slow zoom into a closeup of the smile on Mitt Romney’s face. Many Americans will have a reaction opposite of joy.