The Romney campaign has a new ad out that is the campaign’s first direct appeal to women voters.  The ad does a good job of talking about economic issues from a mother’s perspective.  I’ve never believed Mitt Romney should have an overt, compartmentalized women’s issues agenda, but I have been concerned about the GOP’s and Romney campaign’s gender gap. It shouldn’t be ignored, but Romney shouldn’t pander. This is another problem for Romney and the GOP that will be managed, not solved, and I’m glad to see the Romney campaign is handling it in a forthright way. 

And, by the way, there are a couple of new polls out that are positive for Romney.  One such is Gallup, which says that President Obama and Romney are essentially tied. After the last ten days that Romney has had, this poll shows some resiliency. That’s important for Romney, because a presidential candidate must be durable. 

Also, a new Pew Research Center poll suggests that what you hear from Jewish-American leaders in private is finally beginning to show up in public among Jewish voters. The poll results show that loyalties among this group is shifting slightly, with Jewish support for the Democratic Party declining from 72 percent in 2008 to 66 percent in 2012.  The same poll shows that support among Jewish voters for the Republican Party is currently at 28 percent, eight points higher than it was in 2008.  If America’s relationship with Israel impacts part of your vote, there is no way that you can overlook Obama’s chilling distance from Israel and Romney’s easy embrace of America’s vital ally.