As I said last week, it is a good thing for the American people to get a glimpse of a presidential candidate on the foreign stage, and for a few foreign leaders to get a glimpse of a potential president as well. 

In Mitt Romney’s case, the timing of his trip abroad is pretty good.  For better or for worse, it will drive his news coverage.  And even with the inevitable foreign travel blunders, the news will be better than more of the bumps and bruises he is getting over his tax returns. 

Also, Carter is wrong to suggest bewilderment over Romney’s lack of policy announcements on this trip.  A presidential candidate should not travel overseas and announce policies that are at odds with the existing commander in chief.  If anything is left to good manners in politics, it should be that a presidential candidate doesn’t travel to a foreign land to poke the incumbent president that he is running against in the eye.  It wouldn’t get Romney any votes if he did. 

Romney is right to make this trip, even though politically and selfishly, it is probably a wash.