I never thought I would say this, but I’m getting a little tired of beating up on Mitt Romney. But he isn’t making it easy to stop.

His attempt today to clean up his “47 percent” comment was bizarre. He contorted himself into saying that more people would like to be able to pay taxes. I get the point: Presumably Romney is saying we need more jobs with higher pay, but to phrase it the way he did sounds a little nutty from the anti-tax candidate.

He then went on to say that government should “help people get back to good jobs.” And how would Romney do that? Through tax cuts and deregulation? How, pray tell, would either of those policies help accomplish what he says he wants to accomplish, which is to move more people up the ladder of success?

And one more question: How does this work exactly? Do people pay taxes first and then Romney cuts them? I'm confused.

His campaign released today a new ad aimed at women, but it seems unduly dark and strains even the gossamer bonds of credulity upon which political advertising hangs.

I don't mean the statistics in the ad — those will be dissected by the fact-checkers. I'm talking about the premise: a young mother at the moment of maximum hope and joy, instead reciting a dirge of hopelessness, concluding with the cynical phrase, “Welcome, daughter.”

If I were that baby, I'd hope mommy's got a trust fund, because someone is going to have to pay some pretty steep psychiatric bills growing up in a household as pessimistic as the one this ad portrays.