Today, I continue a Friday convention of asking, who won the race in the presidential campaign this week? This is a reductive analysis based on the notion that campaigns are won or lost by a series of hourly, daily, weekly, etc. skirmishes.

Faithful readers may remember I said Obama won the last two weeks. Now, the envelope, please, for this week. Ahh, Mitt Romney.

Obvious, I know. Obama had the Bill Daley story and the Keystone XL pipeline non-profile in courage.

Romney, however, had his best week in a while. The debate wasn’t all about another one of his opponent’s self-immolations. It was also about his beginning to instill confidence that he can run the economy.

One other observation on Romney this week, and it comes from Kathleen Parker, is that Romney is coming across as a nice guy. That means he can play on Obama’s strongest turf of personal likeabilty.

For many months, the conventional wisdom has been that Romney would get the nomination. The only real doubt was how long the longing for someone better would delay it.

This week, Romney took a step toward not just being the candidate of the resigned, but the hopeful, too.