Today marks a birthday Mitt Romney would rather not celebrate. His Massachusetts health-care bill, the free-enterprise model of health reform used as a model by President Obama, turns 6 years old. How is his offspring? By all accounts, healthy and adjusting well. Not so his infant sibling. As they say in the South, Romney won’t claim him.

This video of Romney celebrating the passage of the Massachusetts law — with Ted Kennedy, no less — shows a side of him that could have served him well in the general election if he hadn't completely abandoned it in the primaries. In it, we see Romney the pragmatist, putting aside ideology to get something important done. And we see a relaxed, funny Romney who makes a joke that, interestingly, shows his prior belief that global warming is real. 

In this one clip, you see all that mortifies right-wing Republicans who have made his life and ours so miserable. (How can Santorum have missed this video?)  But you also see the traits that could make him a powerful candidate if he can somehow find a way home to them.