The political gods continue to take care of Mitt Romney. On a day when he could have been the center of a focused attack, his opponents decided to talk about each other. The best thing that could happen for Romney would be for his rivals to argue among themselves. The more pointless the argument, the better. So calling on each other to quit the race so that voters can coalesce against Romney is a perfect distraction from issues that could actually do Romney some harm. Also, it shows arrogance on the part of the other candidates when they assume that if one of them quits, his supporters would fall in line behind the not-Romney candidate. That hasn’t been the case so far, and your Insiders have previously written about the limited value of endorsements.

It would be truly remarkable for Romney to win in South Carolina. He would have to do everything right, and his opponents would have to help by doing everything wrong at every turn. Romney has problems in South Carolina, but the effectiveness of his opponents isn’t his biggest concern.