No matter what happens politically through the rest of 2012, the Obama campaign will look back on Super Tuesday as a high point. Could last night have been any worse for Mitt Romney or better for Democrats? (I guess he could have lost Ohio — whoops, he almost did. I smell a recount.) We now are all but guaranteed an even longer, bankrupting and ugly road to Tampa.

Even the good news for Romney — Gingrich won Georgia handily and will continue on, splitting the anti-Romney vote — underscored the former governor’s weakness: About 60-plus percent of the primary electorate consistently votes for someone else. (The Secret Service may have better political intelligence than the rest of us; Gingrich went under its protection last night.) Ron Paul got 40 percent of the vote in a direct face-off with Romney in Virginia, for Barack’s sakes!

So can we now declare official what no one in the political establishment has been willing to fully proclaim? Mitt Romney can’t close the deal and is even weaker than Republicans feared or Democrats dreamed.