I would add my voice to those who say that, if Obama wins, Hurricane Sandy will have been the turning point. It is not just as simple as Obama having a commander-in-chief moment and reminding people that the federal government matters and as forcing Mitt Romney to answer for his call for cuts for FEMA. Yes, those things reinforce the Obama side of that argument. But the storm also reminds us of something more.

Despite all the Republican negative ads and data points, Obama has been a president who is good in a crisis.  Whether it was the meltdown of the financial sector and the jobs crisis that followed, the imminent collapse of the auto sector or the decision to risk the capture of U.S. forces to kill Osama bin Laden “in person” rather than through a bombing mission that could have left doubt, Obama has delivered every time. 

This is the impression that was reinforced by Obama’s response to Sandy just days before the election. It is perhaps a winning one.