Heresy alert: I thought the Clint Eastwood ad for Chrysler during the Super Bowl was great. I saw it when it originally aired and my first thought was not of President Obama. Maybe Republicans see his hidden hand more often than we should. Obama isn’t everywhere subverting the American dream — he is almost everywhere subverting the American dream.

Yes, Obama will run as the savior of Detroit, but no one is going to buy that story, much less vote for Obama’s reelection in November, because of an alleged subliminal pitch by Clint Eastwood in the middle of the February Super Bowl.

Anyway, I’m a big Eastwood fan. Why would he conspire to plug Obama? It makes more sense that he would want to practice his trade for a credible company in a unique way in front of hundreds of millions of people. I assume he even received a fair fee. Further proof that Obama had nothing to do with the commercial.

Also, the auto bailout is done. Many were against it, and many continue to justly believe it was bad policy. But Chrysler is in Detroit making cars. Shouldn’t we all be pulling for it? It has American hands making American products, and the only way the bad policy can be kept from doing more harm is for the company to succeed. Would we rather say, “I told you so” — or have the taxpayers be paid back?

Great work, Clint, and go Chrysler.