At first light, it would appear that the attacks against Mitt Romney and his private-sector career are going to continue in the Republican nomination contest. I’m all for thorough, aggressive vetting, but Republicans should not give deceiving quotes that the Democrats can use later. Attacks from fellow Republicans will be harder to discount than what you would expect from the Obama campaign. So far, Romney’s attempts to deflect the attacks on his tenure at Bain Capital have not been very effective. He should not play the victim card and should not claim moral outrage on attacks about his private work record.

Also, President Obama should not be left out of this critique of the candidates. His pre-presidency record should still be part of the debate, especially given what we know about him now. He earned an extra ring in his halo for being a “community organizer.” This was heralded as a good qualification to be president of the United States, yet I never read a thorough investigative piece of what he did as a “community organizer,” who paid him and how much. I certainly never read an investigative piece on how well the “community” was organized under his watch.

Bring Obama into the race. For every bad investment that Bain Capital made, President Obama will have a Solyndra that wasted taxpayer’s money. And I’m not aware of any Bain investment like the Obama administration’s investment in Solyndra drawing scrutiny from criminal prosecutors, or being a product of insider, political favoritism. So if we’re going to talk about it in the presidential race, let’s talk about all of it. And if we’re going to talk about investments, whom would you rather have invest your pension fund, Romney or Obama? And for that matter, who would you rather have as your investment adviser — Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich or Rick Santorum?

We should all listen to Rush Limbaugh. Capitalism is under assault here in the Republican Party. But even if the questions about Romney are fair, we should not leave out President Obama. He is the true enemy of capitalism.