The weak June jobs numbers are a fitting and ironic ending to President Obama's so-called "Betting on America" tour. By any measure, there is little reason to bet on the economy improving during an Obama presidency. If he had a realistic economic approach, good policies or even the willingness to drive growth, he would. And make no mistake, the low jobs numbers are Obama and the Democrats' fault.

In politics, when nothing else works, deny the obvious. It may produce a moment of confusion when you could catch a break. I expect and hope that the president sticks with the jaw-dropping line "The private sector is doing fine." But he would need an apocalyptic meteor strike to mask the cancerous state of the American economy. In presidential election years since 1980, when the number of jobs added in June totaled less than 81,000, the incumbent lost or the White House changed parties. 

Using every tactic possible to detract from the harsh economic reality and smear Republicans, the Obama forces accuse Republicans of hoping for the worst for the economy. Nobody wants a wounded America, but knowing and seeing the truth is important. Obama has been too lucky for too long. He could benefit from a mirage created by a truly bad economy. A bad economy lowers gasoline prices; and no demand for loans helps keep rates low and the stock market up. But the numbers don't lie.  Obama and the left's policies and point of view are destructive to the economy.  Romney and Republicans everywhere should not be shy about saying so.

The topical headlines that obsess much of the media about changes in the Romney campaign or the images from his vacation are of little to no consequence compared to the referendum vote that is coming on whether or not American voters want more of the same from Obama economics.