Carter’s explanation of oil prices is perfectly reasonable. I wish President Obama would use it as his answer to the problem of high gasoline prices. I wish he would say it over and over. I wish the Obama campaign would make it into an ad featuring the president doing a great read from his favorite teleprompter. I would love for this to be his debate answer when the Republican nominee calls for building the Keystone pipeline, opening more of Alaska to exploration and extraction (as almost everyone living in Alaska want us to do), forming a robust co-development partnership with Canada so its oil can be relied on here instead of going to China, setting a goal to be a long-term exporter of refined products, reducing the federal gas tax and, yes, drilling more wells. I could continue, but you get the point.

The idea that our government can’t do anything to lower the price of the most widely used product in America is indefensible. First, you have to recognize that the exploding prices are a problem and are undesirable. There is a lot America could do to affect its supply of oil and prices if the president would lead.

The fact is, the administration is stuck somewhere between not knowing what to do and not truly being opposed to high gas prices. People in the Obama administration think high prices help enforce the lifestyle they want us to live, and they feel better about themselves if they impose their pointless green agenda on the rest of us. The more they talk about it, the more this comes through.

High gasoline prices are a particularly cruel tax. It takes money out of your pocket on a real-time basis, and there is little most people can do to minimize their consumption. Few can actually do what Obama wants us to do — namely, live in a college town, ride a bicycle and work for the government.

Anyway, I wish this issue were more a part of the political debate in 2012.

The election needs to be about the economy. Talking about our opposing plans to address high gasoline prices would be a good issue for Republicans. Wednesday night’s CNN GOP debate would be a good place to start.