Okay, Carter makes a point with his highlight reel of Mitt Romney’s bloopers and outtakes.  But everyone should watch the video

At first, I was wincing and my toes were curling in my shoes, but by the end, it was really funny and I felt bad for Romney.  The Romney campaign probably has the self-confidence to use some of this material as self-deprecating humor.  You won’t see any of that from President Obama.  So along with the other stylistic contrasts, you can add Romney’s golly-darn earnest befuddlement with Obama’s self-important, the-joke’s-on-you elitism. 

Meanwhile, while nobody’s been looking, the GOP’s chances for gaining the majority in the Senate are on the brink of getting worse, not better. 

First, we should currently have 49 GOP senators, not 47.  But the GOP’s angry, misguided primary outcomes in 2010 in Nevada and Delaware cost us two Senate seats, leaving the Senate majority safely in the hands of Democrats. With Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine) retiring and assuming we lose that seat, we’ll need five seats to reach the magic number of 51. Had the 2010 primaries had different results, we would only need three. Not good. 

We’re on the brink of digging the hole deeper if Sen. Richard Lugar loses his primary in Indiana.  And punting away Lugar is every bit as stupid as what we did in Nevada and every bit as dumb as keeping former governor and congressman Mike Castle from Delaware out of the Senate by depriving him of the GOP nomination in favor of a comical loser. 

Lugar is under attack, particularly by the Club for Growth, for being insufficiently conservative. But the Chamber of Commerce gives Lugar a 92 percent pro-business lifetime voting record, and in 2011, he had a 100 percent rating.  Whoever thinks a 92 percent ranking is insufficient doesn’t know anything about politics and is being downright unfair. 

And keep an eye on Wisconsin.  If former governor Tommy Thompson wins the Republican nomination, he could just go straight to the swearing-in ceremony for that Wisconsin Senate seat.  But if he doesn’t win the nomination, the chances for winning that race are no better than 50/50. 

Purity is the enemy of unity.  And lack of unity is how we guarantee the lack of a GOP majority in the Senate.