I want the American people to decide that they can’t take President Obama anymore and that we must have a new president. That is more likely to happen if the GOP candidates talk about Obama! They must make this campaign about the president and his failure to save American jobs and salvage the economy.

Well, our candidates must say his name, and they must use the words “jobs.” Here is a quick analysis of the “Obama” and “jobs” word count from each candidate during Wednesday’s GOP debate.

Mitt Romney: Obama 15 & jobs 10

Michele Bachmann: Obama 8 & jobs 4

Newt Gingrich: Obama 3 & jobs 1

Rick Santorum: Obama 2 & jobs 6

Rick Perry: Obama 1 & jobs 3

Ron Paul: Obama 1 & jobs 1

Jon Huntsman: Obama 1 & jobs 1

Herman Cain: Obama 0 & jobs 1

There was too little focus on Obama and too few mentions of jobs. Every question should pivot to Obama and end by mentioning jobs.

Other brief observations:

I’m a Gingrich fan, but he hurt himself. He looked bothered by being there. He never said anything fresh, and using sharp elbows with a popular Maria Bartiromo was not flattering.

Regarding Perry: wince!! In a debate you must remember where you are and what you are for, which he didn’t do when he couldn’t remember the three agencies in the federal government he would abolish. The hole he is in got deeper. He probably performed the worst of the entire field. Real trouble.

Cain got a pass. The crowd wouldn’t even tolerate questions about his recent difficulties. He was on message, light on his feet and almost funny. But Wednesday didn’t end his problems

Romney was again an able, nimble participant. The golf analogy I use for him is that he consistently hits fairways and greens. He talked more about Obama and jobs than any other candidate. The man is on message. He gained momentum.

Everyone else tread water.

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