In the absence of any bad news for Mitt Romney, the New York Times is promoting a story that a Romney son went to Moscow and passed along a message for President Vladimir Putin that his father would like to have a good relationship with Putin.

Stop the presses! Should the polite, courtesy message instead have been that a U.S. president wants a bad relationship? To suggest that this is nefarious or even worthy of news coverage is absurd. Won't the president-elect want to send well wishes to all world leaders?

Talk about a desperate attempt to say something negative when there is nothing negative to say. With all the campaign news that could be covered, this is among the worthy “news” the NYT could find 72 hours before the election. Holy cow, maybe the Times will expand the story to reveal, in a negative light, that Romney doesn’t want a bad relationship with anybody if it can be avoided, starting with foreign heads of state.

Maybe mainstream media just fear that President Obama is slipping. Anyway, it's going to be a long weekend. And if you're not already, follow me on twitter at @edrogersdc for more updates as we close in on Election Day.