The “Big Bird” ad is a sign that the Obama campaign isn’t just desperate; it’s gone crazy. I’ve said all along that it is running a negative, mean-spirited race full of distractions. This time, the campaign has belittled the process to the point where I believe it’s going to backfire. 

While it’s trivial, President Obama has now offered up the question of whether Big Bird should be a government employee. Is this what he wants the election to be about? There is a larger point to be made here. This ad reinforces the idea that Obama won’t say no to anybody.  He uses the Treasury to buy votes and create dependency wherever he can.

Team Obama’s lack of insight or any capacity for self-analysis makes it miss the irony of this ad. There is nothing the Obama Administration won’t pay for. There is room for everybody — or at least in this case, every bird — on the government dole. 

I’m all for campaigns having fun and not always taking themselves too seriously, but the Obama campaign’s pettiness and trivialization of issues will make the president’s problems worse, not better. I expected more of them, but I guess Obama’s campaign team has finally run out of things to say or insults to hurl.