Well, with today's jobless report we see the drag of the "Obama effect" on employment.  The Obama administration and its apologists say that once you get past all the bad news in the jobs report, the news isn't so bad. Sure, GDP is falling and unemployment is rising, but things could be worse. Only the most fawning, docile commentator could continue to make excuses for the president and the Democrats.

Reality check: Our economy is in bad shape because of the president and the liberal policies he supports. If his goal is to swell the ranks of those dependent on government, he is doing a great job. As the last two days show, if his goal is to grow the economy and create jobs, he is doing terribly. Perhaps he should consider doing the opposite of everything he has planned for the American economy.  Could the results be worse?

It is an incredible indictment of the Democrats that the number of people enrolled in the food stamp program has grown by 46 percent in the last four years, while the total number of people employed has grown by less than 1 percent since January 2009. Nothing we know about Obama’s second-term agenda suggests there are any lessons learned, fresh approaches or new energy coming. 

What should Republicans do as they plan for the 2014 elections? I think that Republican leaders should be tireless in pushing a pro-growth agenda. We can't just talk about how bad things are. Even with Obama doing nothing to help the economy, the Federal Reserve will keep interest rates low and the House of Representatives will continue to mitigate the effects of the bad budgeting and bad policy that would otherwise flow unchecked out of Washington, so things will probably get marginally better. At least we had better hope so. Republicans want to win in 2014 because Americans want more opportunity, not because the president has completely wrecked the economy and voters are panicked.