Yesterday I was reduced to shaking my fist at the polls.  It’s never good when your argument is that the polls are flawed. But this story restores my faith in the idea that the polls are a crock.  It gives a valid analysis of the oversampling of Democrats. 

My favorite poll of all the wacky polls out there is this take on the new ABC News/Washington Post poll that says over 60 percent of voters are dissatisfied with how Mitt Romney’s campaign is being run. 

This poll would have you believe 6 in 10 Americans are back-seat drivers and wannabe campaign consultants. I don’t say this to demean voters but to further belittle the polls that are floating around out there.

Perhaps 35 percent of Americans want Ed Gillespie to have more operational control of the campaign and 35 percent want Stuart Stevens to handle all social media. Next we will be hearing about Russ Schriefer’s and Beth Myers’ job approval. You’ve never heard of these people?  That’s the point. 

Could it be possible that 60 percent of voters (likely voters?) don’t have an opinion of Romney’s campaign management? Please; this line of questioning is too much, even for this Insider. Handler stories don’t matter and handlers don’t drive any votes! However, I would like to see a poll of how many voters would like to never see David Axelrod on TV again. 

There is no way voters are critiquing campaign management; they are too busy trying to make a living.

And by the way, as I promised, Romney is taking the fight to Obama in coal country.  Here is a pretty good ad from the Romney campaign, entitled, “The War on Coal.”