Interesting comment from President Obama today on the Tom Joyner Morning Show, hiding behind the idea that “I was just too polite” and therefore wasn’t effective in the debate. What a pretentious phony.

The president has had everybody from Stephanie Cutter and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to MSNBC and The New York Times do his dirty work with insults, allegations, criminal charges, and outright lies about Mitt Romney, while the president didn’t make a peep. But when it came time to look Mitt Romney in the eye and repeat what his campaign and his surrogates have been saying for months, he folded. So is the president telegraphing that he is going to be less “polite” and therefore, more rude? What did the president mean by that comment? I’m sure Romney is terrified.

One thing that’s for sure is that the president’s allies in the MSM and elsewhere are eager for the president to use his next debate to give them some preplanned, snarky quote to wave as a victory banner. We all know it’s coming. It will be heralded as the greatest debate one-liner since Ronald Reagan’s put-down of Mondale over the vice president’s “youth and inexperience.”

Vice President Biden probably has the same contrived, clumsy strategy that he’ll try tomorrow night. What could be more predictable?

Since we all know it’s coming, the way I see it, the president has raised expectations.  His pre-planned, rehearsed, canned, spontaneous zinger had better be a knock-out punch.