The president’s announcement about more expansive gun-control policies consisted of more theatrics than substance. But what’s new? That said, the president is right in that there are some commonsensical things that should be done to make gun violence less likely and make it harder for bad actors to get their hands on the wrong guns. Republicans shouldn’t hyperventilate and be overly obstructionist. For certain, Republicans can’t maintain the position that there is absolutely nothing good that can be done. There is room to do some good, and there’s no harm in some compromise. 

Also, if Republicans fight this battle too much, it just distracts from the disaster of the Obama economy. It takes the focus away from the anti-growth agenda that President Obama and the Democrats are imposing on the United States, and causes us to further neglect our growing debt. Plus, since there is a study for everything, I assume there’s a study that would show that a bad economy increases the likelihood of crime and gun violence. I’ll bet we would have less gun violence if we had 4 percent GDP growth. Obama and Treasury Secretary-designate Jack Lew should think about that.

Anyway, the president’s gall and the offensive posing on display during the announcement today makes it harder to get anything done in Washington. He taunts his opponents with the image of dead children and freely exploits the agony of the Sandy Hook tragedy.  Oh, by the way, there’s no executive order or any potential new law that I’ve read about that would have prevented the Sandy Hook massacre.  Maybe a murderous lunatic in the future will have a different weapon, but nothing contemplated in the executive orders or within a new law would have stopped the Sandy Hook rampage. I guess this doesn’t matter when theatrics and an emotional appeal to use against Republicans are what the president really wants.