When President Obama was asked yesterday about his own opposition to raising the debt limit when he was a senator, he was indignant. That reaction is often the best defense when you are caught red-handed in an act of hypocrisy and you have nothing to say.

I hope Americans read a lot more of then-Sen. Obama's speech on the Senate floor in 2006, where he railed against raising the debt limit. Then, Obama felt that such an action indicated that “Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership.”

Nothing better exemplifies what the Obama government has become than the know-it-all hypocrisy contained in this speech.

When the president was asked Monday about his lack of personal outreach to Republican leaders, he mockingly referred to their joyful attendance at the annual congressional picnic, which is hosted by the White House.

Let's face it, there is probably nothing the president hates worse than a bunch of happy families frolicking in his back yard. The president couldn’t resist taunting those members of the opposition who attend this event. With his trademark sneer, the president belittled those who had previously accepted his invitation.

I hope that GOP members will boycott the picnic this year. The president seems to think they and their families are small for turning out and smiling for his amusement.

Ordinarily I support all the traditional Washington gestures and events that create opportunities for bipartisan mingling. But now, any Republican who attends this event should be a little embarrassed.  The president doesn’t want you there, and he thinks less of you for your attendance.

I assume when President Obama was a senator he attended the congressional picnic at the Bush White House. If anyone has proof — such as a picture — please send it in. I wonder if he used such a setting to say what he really thought, as he did from the Senate floor when he questioned President George W. Bush’s patriotism because Bush was presiding over a debt that had risen to $30,000 per person. Well, now that Obama has presided over a debt that is $52,201 per American citizen — almost double what it was when he made that speech — it's no wonder he doesn’t want to be reminded of that sad fact.