To quickly summarize the president's speech: President Obama is for everything good for America and he is against everything bad. We have problems, but they were caused by the "policies of the last decade", meaning Bush. He is for smarter kids and better jobs and cleaner energy and lowering the deficit. He boldly claimed that this is the vision he will pursue in his second term. And if his opponent (Romney) and Romney's allies in Congress (i.e. Republicans) have their way, Obama rolled out a parade of horrors and suffering in store for all but the privileged few.

Wow. Where does he think we have been the last 3 and a half years?   

The president had no new fresh content. What he did say was stale, pedantic and condescending. The speech was long on Romney/Republican ruin and short on any credible Obama plan.  Being for something is different than having a plan to achieve it.

Obama also doubled down on raising taxes. Letting people keep their own money is called "spending" and leaving tax rates as they are "is giving tax cuts".

Obama’s speech was a string of slogans and untethered promises that should be embarrassing to any thoughtful Democrat. Only the most slavish members of the apologencia will swoon and declare this speech worthy of granite. The only new thing I heard was that the president said it typically takes 10 years to recover from the type of recession we have suffered. I suppose this was meant to begin to back away from his previous bothersome pledge to fix the economy in one term.  

As I've written before, I don't think Obama has much to say about the economy. Today's speech reaffirmed that view, even though it took him more than 50 minutes to say it. The speech was lacking in many ways, but had plenty of gall. There is no chance the president helped himself today. 

I was shocked that it wasn't a better effort.