The Obama apologencia has started their attempt at the rehabilitation of St. Barack.  Today’s story by Politico’s Glenn Thrush foreshadows the nauseating talking points that are to come, win or lose. 

Essentially, Thrush lets a bunch of Obama hired guns and sympathizers reveal for the first time that President Obama was never comfortable with the negative campaign he produced. Apparently, he never wanted to attack Mitt Romney. It turns out he was never comfortable with anything other than being the inspirational and positive character that he thinks he is.

I have two words for those who will peddle this story line: Gag me. 

Thrush even says that Obama’s new speech “resonates more with grander themes of his election-night address to 240,000 in Chicago four years ago.” Well, how does that fit with the two most poignant lines of the last two weeks of the campaign: the slur that Obama came up with himself, that Romney is a “bulls----r” and the outrageous, anti-American line that he used in calling for his voters to be motivated by “revenge”?

The negative campaign may have worked, and Obama may be reelected, or maybe not. But no one should cooperate in putting his halo back in place. His campaign has been the most personally negative campaign in recent memory.

Obama did it because he failed as president, because he had nothing to say about his record or his plans for the future. He had to make Romney unacceptable, and he pursued that goal with glee and gusto, in the final days adding exclamation points like the above all by himself. 

Thrush piously asserts that, “In speech-writing meetings, he’s [Obama’s] often the one to suggest the addition of more optimistic, aspirational passages, aides say — even though he has frequently bowed to the counter-argument that he can prevail only by defining Romney in the most negative way possible.” Please. Let’s not pretend. 

Let’s not pretend that Obama is ending the campaign on a high note, or that he never really wanted to say all those mean things. Obama was willing to say anything to get reelected. The kitchen sink flew by Romney’s head months ago. Obama showed up to this knife fight as a willing and able participant.