Good for Jon Huntsman. He was able to acknowledge the obvious about his own candidacy and not be clumsy in positioning himself for any selfish benefit from his endorsement. I've been waiting for the real Jon Huntsman to return. He is a thoughtful, realistic, funny, graceful and patriotic soul.

It is easy to say endorsements don't matter, and for the most part, they don't. But with the South Carolina primary only five days away, every hour matters, and Huntsman's endorsement has filled the morning political news hole today with something positive for Romney. If it wasn’t this, who knows what the news would be?

Huntsman did not become particularly popular in the 2012 race, but he was respected. And the timing of his withdrawal and his forthright endorsement of Romney reminds us of why he earned everyone's respect. He doesn’t play games, he is committed to a Republican winning the White House and he isn’t delusional or selfish.

Again, the endorsement helps Romney, and helps confirm Romney’s argument that he is the most electable, but it tells us even more about Jon Huntsman. I hope he doesn’t stay out of politics or public life for too long.