The forces that cost the GOP at least two Senate seats in 2010, including that of Majority Leader Harry Reid's, are still strong. The defeat of Senator Richard Lugar proves the short-sighted purists among the GOP have not been regionalized or marginalized. I don't have many disagreements with them on issues, but when it comes to winning elections and governing, I think they are a clear and present danger to the Republican Party and our chances of winning and governing.

I think the purists are misguided, but I also think I understand where they are coming from. I know these people.  Many of them believe that the temperate voices in the Republican Party have at best only slowed the bad policies that have put America on a path toward decline and at worst, have been (unwittingly or not) complicit in the liberal's corrosive march toward a destruction of the American dream and a debasement of our culture. They are sincere but wrong. They are often in error, but never in doubt.  

And hstory has taught us that sincerity by the crusaders doesn't always make them right.