Each day campaigns wage a war with each other and the press to win the spin. So far, I think the Obama team is winning more days than its competition.

Take yesterday, for example. A good day for Romney to bask in his Florida victory. But the votes were barely counted before the Obama campaign widely distributed a memo to rain on Romney’s parade.

The memo comes from Stephanie Cutter, President Obama’s deputy campaign manager, who is one of the best communicators in either party, an extremely skilled and experienced veteran of the daily spin wars. Her memo lays out some salient points designed to blunt Romney’s momentum. She notes the dramatic toll the campaign has taken on Romney’s favorable ratings among independents and the fact that 60 percent of Republicans now wish they had another choice, a five-fold increase since October.

Cutter’s memo was a smart move by the Obama campaign at a critical moment for Romney. Instead of headlines focusing on Romney’s big win, Cutter was able to influence the coverage and cast doubt on his seemingly decisive victory. Winning the daily spin isn’t it all it takes to win the war, but it certainly helps.