Republicans unite! Rush Limbaugh, sound the alarm; Sean Hannity, et al, please get off the Benghazi, Libya, scandal. America's way of life is being threatened by global warming zealots who want to mindlessly raise American power bills.

The latest manifesto comes in today's Post, in an op-ed by Jim Yong Kim, the president of the World Bank. I'm trying not to be a nut on the issue of global warming. I'm trying to acquiesce to the thoughtful science and commentary. I'm trying to be a relatively tame Republican on this topic, but the left makes it hard when they only use the issue as a way to impose their anti-growth religion, transfer wealth out of the United States and punitively subject us to a lifestyle that they find acceptable.

The headline on the online version of the column is “Make climate change a priority.” A priority for who?  Why is the president of the World Bank even talking about this? And since he brought it up, doesn’t he have an obligation to be more fact-based than most? After all, he is supposed to be using U.S. taxpayer guaranteed money to make real investments that get a real return. Instead he says this: “The world’s top priority must be to get finance flowing and get prices right on all aspects of energy costs to support low-carbon growth.” He then expounds on this idea of "getting prices right," saying that we must have pricing that "accurately reflects real environmental costs."  How do you calculate the "environmental costs"? What does that even mean?  Another great phrase he uses is "correct energy pricing," which he believes "can also provide incentives for investments in energy efficiency and cleaner energy technologies."  Well, again, correct prices for who, according to who?  All this baloney is code for "President Obama, and “I want to raise your power bills.” This op-ed wasn’t written by an investment professional, it was written by a leftist with an ax to grind.

It's not unusual for liberal activists to seek celebrity by becoming a pious, martyred, selfless advocate of a phony cause. But this is usually reserved for Hollywood dilettantes and mega-wealthy Learjet liberals. It is unfortunate to see someone with a real day-job competing for a place at that table.

I've just about given up on any Democrats being sincere regarding global warming. I've decided to disregard anything I hear from the left unless I know what the speaker is willing to do about ice cream and bottled water. If you don't call for a ban or a giant new tax on those two discretionary items that, pound-for-pound, produce as much greenhouse gases as just about anything else, then you are a phony and only pretending to believe what you are trying to peddle to the rest of us.

I hope Congress pays attention to how Kim is spending his time and performing at the World Bank. It is an important position that requires real leadership.

P.S. — I think I'm coming down with the bug that's going around and I'm a little cranky.