My friend from Alabama, former Democratic congressman and 2008 Obama campaign co-chair Artur Davis, has released a compelling ad that lists one of the reasons he’s changing his vote to Mitt Romney in 2012. The ad strikes at the heart of the anecdotal observation that I made earlier this week. In a post Tuesday, I said I had never met the person who didn’t vote for Obama four years ago but is planning on doing so this time. 

Well the fact is, I did hear from a few. A very few. Congressman Davis and his backers at the Ending Spending Action Fund are on to something with this theme of highlighting people who have changed their vote away from Obama, and why. 

There is no way Obama and the Democrats will have the turnout they had in 2008. That’s not to say Democrats won’t have good turnout, but it will be union-made, unemotional and unenthusiastic. There is no emotional breeze propelling Obama in his reelection campaign. 

This ad – and this narrative — is a good one.