Carter Eskew and Ezra Klein combine great intellect, considerable experience and some “interesting psychological research” to come up with the conclusion that Republicans’ primary goal for the November elections is to defeat President Obama in his bid for reelection. Being more simple-minded, I’ve always just sort of taken for granted that a political party’s primary goal every four years is to capture the White House. So I will admit, on its face, that Carter is correct about that part of his post from this morning, in which he revealed the “Republicans’ one goal.” But it’s not the Republicans’ only goal: They do want to change policy and America’s direction. Beating Obama really isn’t the ends; it’s the means.

Much of Carter’s analysis is dedicated to the Republican opposition to Obamacare. But Republicans didn’t decide they wanted to beat Obama and then figure out why they were against Obamacare. Obamacare just became an illustrative club that Republicans could use to whack Obama.  It was a club of Obama and the Democrats’ own making, a monstrosity of a bill, concocted in a fraudulent process. As people came to know more about its overreaching, forced participation and the true cost to businesses and individuals, the bill became more unpopular and another symbol of Obama’s power-grabbing instincts on behalf of enhancing the American public’s dependency on government. The fact that so many people are going to vote against Obama because of what Obamacare has wrought is not Republicans’ fault. 

It’s a bad sign when you have to strain to psychoanalyze your opponents to determine why they might be against you. It shows a lack of insight that is typical of the Obama administration and many Democrats at large these days. They can’t understand that there could be any room for rational objection or criticism. 

Pride goeth before a fall. Democrats need to engage in more detached self-criticism in order to change the trajectory of the race. 

Eskew and Klein suggest that Democrats are not ready to look in the mirror to see their problems, but time is running out.