I only had half the story this morning when I mentioned that the Democrats had dropped “God” from their platform because the politically correct, anti-God crowd was in charge of the Democratic Party. The other half of the story is the Democratic National Convention video that incredibly asserts, “We all belong to the government.” But is it just me, or does everyone think it’s creepy that the Democrats would eliminate God from their platform and at the same time assert that all Americans belong to the government? You can’t be more subservient than when you “belong” to a collective organization. 

This will not sell well in the heartland, and it’s not what President Obama needs to appeal to a sliver of churchgoing, suburban voters. Obama successfully raided this piece of the Republican coalition in 2008, and by the looks of the polls, he needs to do the same in 2012. 

Speaking of polls, Obama got another ugly one yesterday with the ABC News/Washington Post poll and its revelation that Obama is in negative territory among women registered voters. His support has cratered from 57-39 percent favorable-unfavorable in April to 46-50 percent now. 

And what is it with Democrats and Nazis? There seems to be a flurry of exasperated Democratic leaders hurling the Nazi word. The latest jaw-dropping assertion is one by the seasoned veteran Chairman of the Democratic Party in South Carolina, who said about S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley, “She was down in the bunker a la Eva Braun.”  This comes on the heels of two other Democratic delegates who accused Republicans of being like Nazis. Is this coincidence?  Democrats wouldn’t think so if we were saying it. 

The voters think so little of the discourse of politics in America that I am not sure it matters much, but perhaps some of the Obama and Democratic apologencia will pause for an instant before they blame Republicans for the negative tone of the American political debate this week. The lack of outrage in the media reminds us of the double standard that exists. If Republicans had said these things, the New York Times and the broadcast networks — among others — would be in tears, bemoaning the harm that Republicans have done. 

Anyway, back to the convention. The Obama crowd is relieved that they have moved Obama’s speech, scheduled for the outdoor stadium, to an indoor venue. Although I give the Obama event planners and advance people a lot of credit, they are now working in an environment where they can no longer count on spontaneous crowds.  They have to recruit people to fill their rallies, and getting enough people to fill 74,000 seats at the Bank of America stadium was going to be a challenge. At the very time Obama was kicking God out of the Democratic Convention, it looks like some divine intervention helped him by allowing a graceful move out of the giant stadium and into an already packed, smaller convention hall.