As I said before, it is revealing that a mature, responsible, accomplished public figure like William Daley cannot fit in at the Obama White House. He remained loyal to the White House, despite having his position publicly downgraded in November, but now, he is being definitively pushed aside as current Budget Director Jacob Lew takes over as White House chief of staff. Clearly, as part of getting ready for the campaign, anyone who will challenge President Obama’s biases or won’t fit in with the liberal clique is being dispatched.

I have been puzzled about how quickly this White House appears to be willing to move away from governing and toward campaigning.  The best politics for an incumbent president is to look like and act like a president. This is one more example of the Obama team being more comfortable on the campaign trail than they are in the White House.

Ultimately, unless Republicans blow it, the election will be more about how President Obama has governed and less about how artfully he campaigns.