Super Bowl XLV was the last game of the 2010 NFL football season. Will it be the last game for quite sometime? Only the NFLPA and Owners have that answer.

Either way, the game was not as thrilling as many thought it was going to be. For all the prestige and hype surrounding the game it was very sloppy with dropped passes all over the place. Ben Roethlisberger didn't live up to his Big Ben hype either.

Most of all this last game of 2010 shall be remembered as the first game for Aaron Rodgers as an elite quarterback. Also, it should be remembered as the game where he defeated the ghost of Brett Favre and became the reigning light heavyweight champion of Titletown.

If this doesn't seem like a somber, get-all-choked-up post with a hint of impending doom of a labor lockout, that's because it isn't. There will be football in 2011, and it will be played on time. The owners and NFLPA know that football is at a premium right now in this country. There is too much money to be lost with a labor lockout. Both sides now this, and a deal will be done, no later than June 1st. Mark my words (as I trot off to eat breakfast with my Broadway Joe finger in the air).