An unwanted man in Cincinnati, could Chad Ochocinco be the next veteran wide receiver to flourish in Foxborough? (Mike Ehrmann/GETTY IMAGES)

The Bengals wide out is unwanted man in Cincinnati. He and his coach, Marvin Lewis, are not on the same page. Cincinnati is in a division where they are on tap to be at best third place, and they don’t want to pay their problem child the $6 million he’s owed to catch passes from a rookie QB in Andy Dalton or some veteran backup that won’t win them more than 5-6 games.

Enter New England.

The Patriots, just as they have done in the past with so many other veteran players that are no longer wanted, will be there to pick up the pieces with Ochocinco. It’s being bantered about that the past love affair between Bill Belichick and Ochocinco (highlighted in the 2008 “Hard Knocks” when the two were on the field praising each other before a preseason game), will eventually land Ochocinco with the Patriots.

What a fit it would be. Ochocinco last season had 67 grabs for 837 yards and four touchdowns. Put him with the game’s No. 1 ranked player . as voted on by the players, in Tom Brady, and Ochocinco right away becomes one of the top 4-5 wide outs in the game again.

Leave it to New England to steal away a guy that has more than enough gas left in the tank at 33 years of age to come in, play well, and put the Pats right where they always are — at or near the top of the AFC come January.