I keep thinking I’ll write about the draft, and then I get distracted. Maybe I’ll just write about what’s distracting me:

Bin Laden’s Death: a reminder of the lives lost and sacrifices that have been made since 9/11. Maybe also a reminder that birth certificates should not be a priority.

■ Peyton Manning: Doh! Did the Colts QB really admit that he bombs the baseline concussion test on purpose? Well, now we know he isn’t perfect! It was so unexpected coming from someone so aware of being in the public eye and so composed in front of a camera. I hate to pick on my favorite QB, but he picked a bad time to have a brain fart. Concussions are serious business — kids, don’t try this at home!

Emilio “Millito” Navarro’s Death: I met 105-year old “Millito” last fall in Atlantic City during the Pop Lloyd weekend, which honors Pop Lloyd and other Negro League baseball players. “Millito” was the youngest person in the room everywhere we went. He did a little shimmy as he told the ladies he was “free and available.” He sipped scotch, signed baseballs and laughed. I am so fortunate to have spent three days in the company of someone who loved life and inspired others.

■ Invisible Children: my Amnesty International group at Westfield High School hosted a team from Invisible Children. They spoke about the war in Central Africa and the tens of thousands of children who have been abducted as child soldiers there. They showed a screening of their new movie Tony, and a survivor from Uganda spoke. Powerful - and another reminder of how fortunate we are to be in the United States.

■ Japan: to help with the devastation in Japan, my Amnesty group designed t-shirts we have been selling to raise money for the relief effort. We’ve been busy! www.japanrelieftshirt.com

■ Rain: I drove through cold, grey, rain for the umpteenth time in the last few weeks. When I got into work, one of the custodians said, “Beautiful day, isn’t it?” I told him that most people were complaining about the weather. “But we woke up this morning and took a deep breath, and rain just waters the flowers,” he replied. Wow, I need to get a better attitude, I thought. I smiled at Juan and told him he’s right. I am going to try to be more positive, I decided. Two weeks later it’s still raining, and frankly, I think the flowers are drowning, but I’m trying to stay positive.

Storms in the South: Okay, these guys can complain. We’re used to tornadoes in Indiana, but the damage is usually isolated. My thoughts go out to the victims of these super storms.

■ Graduation: My son graduates from high school in less than four weeks. I’m such a proud mom (who is making every effort not to burst into tears). Congratulations A.J. - I love you! And congratulations to the rest of the WHS Class of 2011!

That should do it. Maybe I’ll be able to focus more on football next week. Oh, and it’s still raining.