What was all that “Dream Team” talk about? (Rob Carr/Getty Images)

I do not believe that Jason Garrett was throwing the ball like he was down 24 plus points when he was up 24 in the third quarter. I refuse to believe that the ‘Boys lost to a mediocre Giants Jets team and only have victories over the overhyped “Kwame Brown” Washington Redskins and San Francisco 49ers. I believe the Cowboys are 4-0, Tony Romo is balling, Dez Bryant is the sun and Darrelle Revis is a candle. I also believe that when they play the Patriots in two weeks they’ll be 5-0.

No way in hell....the Philadelphia Eagles are 1-3. They are the “Dream Team” with Michael Vick, DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, Nndamdi Asomugha, Asante Samuel, Jason Babin and more. The Eagles are demolishing teams like the SEC dominates Big Ten schools in bowl games, like ‘72 Dolphins and like Jackie Christie dominates her husband. I refuse to believe that the Eagles gave up a lead and lost to Alex “Pick 6” Smith. Really? You expect me to believe the Eagles have lost three straight? That they lost to the Falcons, struggled with Tavaris Jackson, fell to the New York Football (when we feel like it) Giants, and “Pick 6” Smith?

1-3 and 2-2? Sound like a false starts to me. More like several false starts in a row by a jittery backup rookie left tackle facing DeMarcus Ware. Do you know how hard it is to convert a 3rd and 20 with the equivalent of a replacement player for a left tackle? The reality is while this may “seem” like a false bad start for both teams, it is in fact a reality. It’s also a reality that one of these teams will not make the playoffs. They’ve both put themselves far behind the eight-ball. I see the Eagles taking a page out of the Miami Heat’s handbook and learning from their slow start and going deep into the playoffs. I see the Cowboys making like the Boston Red Sox and collapsing in the last month of the season. And if I’m wrong about my predictions, easy...I just won’t believe it.