Tony Romo knows there will be a target on his torso on Monday night. (Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP)

Football is cutthroat. It’s a game to the fans, but it’s a livelihood for players. The rate at which players are going broke only two years after retirement is staggering (some estimate the number is up to 80 percent). One play and one loss can be the end of the road for any football player. Ask former Miami Dolphins cornerback, Benny Sapp who was cut after he blew a play in a Dolphins loss to the New England Patriots in Week 1. You think if the Dolphins don’t lose to the Patriots, he would have been cut? I can guarantee you even if he still blew the play, a Dolphins win means Sapp still has a job.

The nature of the sports makes it like Malcolm X to the core — win by any means necessary. If the Redskins can knock Tony Romo out of the game and make it easier on themselves to get a win, of course they’re going to go after Romo’s soft spot. By all means and by any means they should take as many rib shots as possible. Romo knows the game, he should expect it and respect it.

Former Pro Bowl defensive end, Marcellus Wiley put it best: “Hurt the player not the person.”

This isn’t a neck injury or anything having to deal with his brain. He’ll be able to lead a healthy life after this game. Romo’s punctured lung has also healed, which means the Redskins are cleared for rib launch takeoff.