Tim Tebow....Jake Locker....why not Terrelle Pryor? Finding a great quarterback is a crap shoot anyway.

Have you ever had a co-worker that was just a jerk, but he was damn good at his job? Even though he was great at his job, the lines between his personality and performance were blurred. You almost wanted the two to match. Too often in sports we confuse poor character and performance.

This is exactly what fans and media are doing with Terrelle Pryor. He made a selfish decision and he’s paying for it. He’s been rumored to be a jerk and a diva. Listen, Terrelle Pryor can play football, and that’s all that matters. He can and will play in the NFL. He went 31-4 at Ohio State and led his Buckeyes to two BCS victories. You mean to tell me that Tebow and Locker can play in the NFL but Terrelle Pryor can’t?

The fact that people are even beginning to mention him playing as a WR or TE is extremely funny. Pryor has better mechanics than Tebow and a better completion percentage than Locker in college. And — are we even sold on Cam Newton? What is the difference between Newton and Pryor? There is no difference. They are both huge, freakishly athletic QBs, who don’t have the greatest mechanics and heavily relied on their feet. One great year in an easy offense and all of a sudden Cam is that much better than Pryor? I don’t think so.

Pryor will get drafted low because it’s the supplemental draft and whatever round a team picks a player, they lose that round’s draft pick in the upcoming regular draft. So, of course no one is going to risk a first- through-fourth-round pick on Pryor. He’ll get picked in the sixth or seventh round, and I guarantee you he’ll be a steal for whoever picks him. If Tebow, Newton, and Locker can play in the NFL...so too can Pryor, as a quarterback.

At one point in time, everyone in this world has been considered a “fighter.” They never gave up, they tried their best, etc. But did they win the fight? Terrelle Pryor won 31 fights and only lost four in college. That sounds like a winner to me. In his next fight, which will be held in the NFL where he’ll be up against top flight competition, media scrutiny, unfair perceptions, and Buckeye bitterness, look for Pryor to come out on top and win as he’s always done.