Jay Cutler has emerged from the depths of silence to speak. Excited? You shouldn’t be. Cutler never really had much to say and when he did speak, much of it was short and “jerktardish.”

Let me be the first to say, I am a Jay Cutler fan. I have been since his senior season at Vanderbilt. I mean come on, you had to love that release, the white towel, the visor, and the all-black spats coming from a white kid from the Midwest. It was very intriguing. It also helped that he was winning (kinda) and making Vandy football relevant (kinda).

Cutler’s lackadaisical nature is one that the media and other NFL players have come to hate. They really hated it in the NFC championship game when Cutler was injured, left the game and showed no fight to get back in the game. Twitter, blogs and sportswriters went in on Cutler’s lack of fight questioning his heart.

Now, it was later revealed that Cutler suffered an MCL sprain in the game. Those that were so quick to go in on Cutler before they knew the facts recanted their statements and others went with the oh, I was "joking" route. Even though the truth was out, perception is often reality and the image of Cutler walking (not limping) up and down the sidelines looking like he didn’t care was branded in everybody’s brain.

Cutler recently broke his silence, explaining that he was hurt by the criticism of his heart in the NFC championship game. I think it’s a little late for Cutler to now be responding, and quite honestly, people don’t care. I mean I had to think twice about who won the Super Bowl last week. You think anyone actually cares about Cutler’s comments now? Not really. Maybe if you live in the Chicago area you might, but the rest of the country could care less. We don’t care, because it’s so far removed from when the incident occurred, but we also don’t care because Cutler didn’t care to show more effort to play, and he didn’t care to defend himself at the time.

If you don’t care, we certainly don’t care. Maybe we’ll care three months after the fact, when you still...don’t care.

Richard is the co-author of 6Magazine. Follow him on Twitter: @6magazine.