View Photo Gallery: Indianapolis is preparing to host its first Super Bowl game Sunday, but festivities have already begun.

No doubt you’re getting together with friends to watch the Super Bowl. Here are a few of the interesting subplots and finer points to the Big Game for your cocktail chatter.

10. Can we please start counting Super Bowls with regular numbers? The Roman numeral thing has gotten ridiculous.

9. Does a Patriots win make this the best NFL dynasty of all time? Does a Giants win make this era’s Giants team a dynasty at all?

8. Is this really how Chad Ochocinco finally gets to a Super Bowl?

7. From The League contributor Richard Boadu yesterday via Twitter: “Gordy Gronkowski has five sons...three play in the NFL (one is at Kansas State right now on his way) the chances of that? 1 in 31 million...”

6. Wes Welker is getting older and more prone to injuries — enjoy him while you can.

5. Speaking of receivers, the Giants dynamic young duo of Victor Cruz and Hakeem Nicks has been amazing this year, but with so little experience will they wilt under the bright lights on Sunday?

4. Enough about Peyton Manning already.

3. No matter what the pundits say, Eli Manning is a good quarterback — no more and no less. And that is okay.

2. Bill Belichick’s simulation of the ridiculously long Super Bowl halftime during Patriots practice this week was simply brilliant.

1. And finally, speaking of Belichick, he has been in a strangely good mood all week, being friendly and joking with the media — AKA, not like his usual sour, Beautiful-Mind-like self. What’s the deal? It’s almost like he’s enjoying one final ride of glory on the grand stage of American sport. That’s right — Bill Belichick is acting so strange as to think he might be about to cash in his chips and ride off into the sunset.

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