Will Terrelle Pryor be throwing passes with the Oakland Raiders or just catching them? (Jared Wickerham/GETTY IMAGES)

Both were highly recruited coming out of high school. Both have more athleticism than the most gifted X-Men. Both have accuracy issues and came under fire in college for character concerns.

Take it back to 2008, when Pryor finished the season as the Big Ten freshman of the year and Newton was the exiled Florida quarterback for stealing a laptop on his way to junior college. Back then you would have said Terrelle Pryor would be the No. 1 draft pick in 2011. Such is life, because it clearly didn’t work out this way.

I love Cam Newton and I want him to succeed, but honestly he has accuracy issues, point blank, bottom line. I am also suspect of his decision-making. You just know when someone has “it” or doesn’t, and once the regular season starts we’ll soon figure out which category Newton falls into. What’s being overlooked is that Cam is getting that opportunity. Worst-case scenario, even if Andrew Luck had came out this year, Newton would have still been a first-round pick.

So, why is Terrelle Pryor getting bumped to wide receiver before he gets a shot at QB? Is there much difference between the two QBs. Athletic freaks with accuracy issues and decision-making concerns. Why are we trying to turn Terrelle Pryor into a WR/TE and not turn Newton into a WR/TE?

I wondered the same thing in 2006 when Vince Young and Reggie McNeal were coming out of college. If you remember Vince was a train wreck up until his redshirt sophomore year, and wasn’t a “proven” passer by college standards until his junior season. McNeal was a star up until his last year, when he had a very bad season. For whatever reason, the football experts decided McNeal should be a WR and Young should be a QB, which I think was the wrong decision. McNeal was never even given a chance... and that is crazy because at one point in time he was a better QB prospect than Young.

Tim Tebow is sucking it up in Denver, but he was at least given the opportunity to fail. Before we deem Pryor a WR by default, let’s at least give him a chance to prove the naysayers correct.