The Lions are no longer lovable losers. (Tony Gutierrez/AP)

2. Not to say the Lions didn’t have a hand in beating the Cowboys on Sunday. The 2009 Lions wouldn’t have gotten back in that game no matter how many times Romo threw the ball at their numbers. Every player and every team say that they never give up. It’s not true. And this Lions team did not give up Sunday.

3. Did you see where Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Ryan was quoted before the game as saying that Calvin Johnson would be the third-best receiver on the Dallas squad? Not only is he dead wrong, and not only did Johnson prove that he’s one of the three best receivers in the league (Larry Fitzgerald and Andre Johnson are the other two), but at some point in time doesn’t Jason Garrett have to tell Ryan to shut the heck up? Attention-grabbing coordinators might be fine when teams are winning. But when they’re losing they don’t need any additional distractions.

4. Giants receiver Victor Cruz was not “giving himself up” to the Cardinals defenders in the controversial play that turned a Giants loss into a victory. He made a bone-headed play in leaving the ball on the field, and it should have been called a fumble. And why the officials wouldn’t let the Cardinals challenge the call on the field is a mystery, too. Let’s see if anyone remembers that call in December if the Giants sneak past the Redskins for a playoff berth, or if the Cardinals fall a game short.

Jarret Johnson and the Ravens’ defense looks as dominant as ever. (Patrick Semansky/AP)

6. Speaking of McNabb, could it hurt for the Vikings to give Christian Ponder some playing time now? Even if he only proves he’s not ready, at least they’d learn something.

7. And speaking of giving kids a shot, it is not time to turn the keys to the Broncos over to Tim Tebow. Kyle Orton isn’t the Broncos problem. And even if he were the problem, Brady Quinn is ahead of Tebow on the depth chart for a reason.

8. I will refrain from making the obvious comments about how the Eagles’ ”Dream Team” has turned into a nightmare. They have plenty of time to turn it around, and there’s no reason to believe they won’t. That said, Michael Vick doesn’t look like the same quarterback this year as he did last, when he had a magical season. Instead, he looks more and more like he did his last season with the Falcons, before his well documented fall from grace. Still an exceptional athlete, but he seems to have forgotten the lessons he seemed to have learned last year.

9. At any point in the Ravens-Jets game did you sense that this was a meeting between two playoff contenders? No, me neither. The Jets running game has done little this year, their passing game seems to have taken a step in the wrong direction, and the defense isn’t making the plays and doesn’t seem to intimidate anyone anymore.