Joe Linta is an agent who represents 45 NFL players, including a number of soon to be rookies drafted in April. So suffice to say, he is one of the people who stand to be majorly affected should the NFL be forced to cancel games due to the lockout. So he was interested when he heard the owners tendered a new offer last week, but so far he hasn’t seen any details of it. Neither have his players. This is something Linta can’t understand.

“I’d like to see it myself so when I talk to my 45 guys, I can show them what it is - since there is no union... (snip) Why can’t I get a copy of this and disseminate it to my players?”

Linta feels that if the majority of players actually got to see the offer, there’s a chance they might actually accept it. Still, whenever an agent talks I always turn my skepticism filter on high. He clearly feels a little left out of the process and maybe that is what is fueling his rant here. Does the rank and file of the NFLPA share Linta’s frustrations?

At least one NFL player does.

Philadelphia Eagles safety Quintin Mikell took to twitter Wednesday to agree with Linta.

“You know Joe Linta has a valid point,” Mikell said. “Why can’t we see the last proposal the owners made?”

It’s a good question. If it is the NFLPA’s job to represent the players in this negotiation, isn’t it their duty to present their membership with the proposals the other side is making? It seems that a growing number of players are urging their union to get back to the bargaining table.

Eagles kicker David Akers said he called NFLPA head DeMaurice Smith to ask what he’s doing with the owners “actively to get this thing done.” Falcons fullback Jason Snelling said this week, “The best thing for this league is to get back to the table and make this happen together, and take this thing out of the courts.”

Commissioner Roger Goodell has been steadfast in his desire to take this dispute out of the courts and continue negotiations. Now it seems the players are agreeing. We can only hope that this is the first step towards a deal.

Jason Brewer is the manager of Bleeding Green Nation, SB Nation’s Philadelphia Eagles blog, and the editor of SB Nation Philly.