Boyd Walker, who’s running for the Alexandria City Council in the June 12 Democratic primary, just paid off $16,544.84 in overdue property taxes on his King Street residence.

Boyd Walker, a Democratic primary candidate for Alexandria City Council. (

“It’s not like I overlooked it. I was well aware of it,” he said. “It was a big chunk of change ... I got overextended in the recession.”

The story, broken Tuesday by reporter Carla Branch, reported that the last time Walker had paid his taxes was the first half of 2010. The city’s online real estate tax database shows the property tax is now up to date.

Walker, who manages his family’s real estate holdings for a living, said he had intended to turn the property, assessed at $966,239, into retail space but had been unable to accomplish that.

Walker is one of 14 Democratic candidates running for the six nominations in the Alexandria City Council race. He was co-founder of Citizens for an Alternative Alexandria Waterfront, which is battling the city over the future of its Potomac River shore.