Casey Wilson of Alexandria. She’s no Ashy Larry. (Disney/ABC Studios)

But Sachs begins the article with both a revelation AND a highly controversial statement: That Casey Wilson is funnier than another Alexandrian, Donnell Rawlings, who played “Ashy Larry” on Comedy Central’s “Chappelle’s Show.” I didn’t know Donnell Rawlings, most recently heard co-hosting the Big Tigger Morning Show on WPGC, was from Alexandria. And I DEFINITELY didn’t know he wasn’t as funny as Casey Wilson.

As any devotee of Chappelle’s Show knows, Rawlings co-hosted the “lost” season three after Chappelle bailed out, and his appearances as Ashy Larry are immortal. “The World Series of Dice”? Beyond hilarious. I would post some Ashy Larry video here, but none of it is appropriate for family audiences. For surefire adult humor, look it up. Best of luck to Casey Wilson. But she’ll have a hard time topping Ashy Larry.