An artist's proposed view of the renovated Old Town Theater on King Street in Alexandria. (Alexandria Board of Architectural Review)

In the Alexandria Times, the estimable Derrick Perkins reports that owner Robert Kaufman has submitted plans to renovate the Old Town for “potential use as a theater.” A city preservationist told Perkins that Kaufman took the public reaction to the demise of the Old Town to heart, and he’s trying to keep the theater alive. The proposal goes before Alexandria’s Board of Architectural Review on Wednesday.

Looking ahead, Perkins spoke with several other independent cinema owners in our area, including Greg Godbout at the still-thriving Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse, to discuss ways small theaters can survive amidst the chain behemoths and their “stadium seating.”

It all sounds encouraging. But first, Kaufman has to take a step back into a business that has not been kind to folks in that particular spot in Old Town.