Actually, we’re all still haunted by Jim Morrison. So long as there is Classic Rock radio, we will never escape The Doors’ “Touch Me” or “L.A. Woman,” and long, gray rainy days will inevitably feature repeat plays of “Riders on the Storm,” making the days longer and grayer.

But WUSA 9’s Peggy Fox is apparently something of a rocker, in addition to being a very nice person. First she did the recent story on the Vienna teen who booked his own head-banging festival at Bull Run. Now she’s revisiting Jim Morrison’s old haunts, including an Arlington house on North 28th Street he once lived in. One resident says Mr. Mojo Risin lay down on the bed next to her several times after his 1971 passing due to drugs and excessive weirdness. So that’s where he went.

Morrison moved around the country as a kid but did graduate from George Washington High School in Alexandria. Charlie Clark in the Falls Church News-Press last week listed a number of addresses where Morrison lived, including two others in Arlington and one in Falls Church.

Peggy Fox went to one of those other addresses, and found that the people there were unfamiliar with Morrison’s work, even after she sang a few bars of “People are Strange” and “Riders on the Storm.” But when she sang “Light My Fire,” that rang a bell. Here’s her entertaining piece.