Is Northern Virginia the capital of economic theory rap OR WHAT?

First, we had the George Mason professor who busted out some high concept Hayek in a stone cold entertaining fashion. And now we’ve got the always hilarious Remy Munasifi, who has previously thrown down about the gangsta aspects of Arlington (“the only thing high up in here is my condo fees”) and “Saudis in Audis.”

Now, in collaboration with the libertarian Reason magazine, Munasifi released “Raise the Debt Ceiling” on Monday, and it had 80,000 views in its first two days. Among the best rhymes: ”Social Security surplus, oh guess what it’s gone/Got my hands on everything like Dominque Strauss-Kahn.” Or “Printin’ the cash, inflatin’ the money/Callin’ up China, ‘Hey yo we’re straight out of 20s.”

Remy has a whole channel of these gems on YouTube. Here is his latest:

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